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Welcome to the Hard Bargain.The TV show about retail, by retail employees.

1 in every 10 people in the US work currently in retail; that's over 4.3 million Americans that punch into jobs that pay on an average $25,000 per year (the average national wage is $45,000). 3 of every 5 jobs created are in the retail market.

With the change in the economy and the job market over the last several years these jobs have been continually filled by the young generation. These entry level jobs often pay little and in return employees feel overworked, overqualified, and underpaid.

Shouldn't there be a TV show that directly targets those underpaid workers, one that is done right, capturing the essence of the retail life because it's written by actual retail employees? Who better knows the events that take place in retail? You wouldn't go to a dentist to have your car repaired, why go to anyone other than retail employees for a new sitcom.

The hard bargain was born over a table of out of date food and damaged sodas in the break room of a live grocery store. Once the groundwork was laid out we decided to go and we went; telling tales of fame, theft, strikes and even death. Stories from our imaginations, sprinkled ever so gently with the truth. From the lazy to the crazy, nothing left out.

This quickly moved from the break room to the living room. Ideas flowed freely from our minds to whatever we had. Little scratch pieces of paper sticky notes text messages and Evernote memos complied ideas and developed into episodes. We developed props, stores, characters, back stories, wrote a theme song, developed a show intro and even products. We registered domain names, built a website, a YouTube page, Twitter account and a Facebook page. All ready to go. Isn't it time a new sitcom comes around that the people can relate to, laugh with, and most importantly enjoy watching? So many decisions in life are complicated, isn't it nice to have an easy decision for once?

So stop on by for new sales every week.